Voynich Mandalas’ “Unsolved” Coloring Book

Voynich Mandalas "unsolved" coloring book

Discover this unique coloring book from the new extraordinary fantasy mandala series, Voynich Mandalas an Enigmatic Floral Mandalas.

Each drawing in the book was created by hand by tracing the unknown plants represented in the ancient Voynich Manuscript (Floral comparison, Video), and re-proposed in an equally mysterious mandala, thus offering a unique coloring experience. Let yourself be transported into a world of apparently floral elements, inspired by the mysterious world of Voynich, where your creativity wrapped in mystery comes to life.

Floral Evolution: A Comparison of Mandalas and Original Voynich Manuscript Drawings
YouTube: Mandala Voynich “Unsolved” coloring book – floral comparison (HD)

Voynich Mandalas’ “unsolved” coloring book is available on Amazon
(ISBN 979-8852046161) (ASIN: B0CCCR37KP)

Voynich Mandalas “unsolved” coloring book – Enigmatic Floral Mandalas

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