Dino Coloring Adventure: Jurassic Journey Dinosaurs - Discover, Read, and Color the Mythical Dinosaurs

Color edition

Discover, Read, and Color the Mythical Dinosaurs

Welcome to the fascinating world of dinosaurs! This coloring book is an educational and fun journey through the prehistoric era.
Each page presents a dinosaur silhouette and an inspiring color palette to help you choose the perfect shades for your dinosaur. The Latin name of the dinosaur will help you get to know these fascinating creatures better.
Each dinosaur is described with a card that highlights its main features. You will discover where each dinosaur lived, exploring their habitats through the geological eras.
The book also includes information on global dinosaur exhibits; on some pages, you can discover dinosaur footprints.
Each dinosaur is presented with a realistic interpretation and one with vibrant colors to stimulate the imagination. And finally, each page includes a black-and-white illustration of the dinosaur, ready to be colored.
We hope you enjoy coloring and learning with this book! Have fun in the world of dinosaurs! 🦖

Main Features:

  • Drawings to Color Immersed in the Habitat: Each page presents black-and-white drawings of dinosaurs, immersed in their already colored habitats, stimulating your creativity in completing them.
  • Realistic Footprints: Some pages offer an even more engaging experience with the footprints of dinosaurs, testifying to their passage.
  • 40 Color Pages: Immerse yourself in a fascinating world with 40 vibrant color pages.
  • Educational Insights: Explore 18 dinosaur families, their behaviors, habitats, diets, and more.
  • Interactive Coloring Experience: Engage in 18 individual coloring projects to stimulate concentration, creativity, and artistic expression.
  • Printed entirely in color on high-quality paper
  • Soft cover and dimensions of 21.6×27.9 cm (8.5″x11″ inches).

The book is a unique coloring experience that goes beyond the simple act of coloring, offering you the chance to explore, learn, and unleash your creativity. With “Dino Coloring Adventure: JURASSIC JOURNEY DINOSAURS,” dive into the landscapes of the Mesozoic era and complete each page with your favorite colors.

Dino Coloring Adventure

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